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In the contemporary art situation the discourse and text are considered more and more important in the work of an artist. However, talented painters of all times have successfully been able to perplex the writers and speakers in grasping their visual creation. They have coded their work with visual means in a way that enables and forces every viewer to decode them and shape one’s own meanings.

Andres Tolts (1949–2014) was an Estonian painter who studied design at the Estonian State Art Institute and was a founder of the well-known pop art group SOUP’69 together with Ando Keskküla (1950–2008) and Leonhard Lapin (b. 1947) who are considered very important innovators of Estonian art in the second half of the 20th century. Tolts has been seen as a representative of pop art and hyperrealism, but he has created a specific and original visual style.

Generalizing his creation Andres Tolts has said that his interest has always been the co-existence of abstraction with reality in pictorial space. On his paintings we can see simple and clear visual shapes from reality. It is the interrelations and position of these things that makes their sense and meaning ambivalent. As an artist Tolts remains true to his craft, by concentrating primarily on the visual and no the literal. He is laconic in giving titles to the work. If he depicts charts or gold bars, he names the works also as “Charts” or “Gold bars.” His ambition lies elsewhere – in choosing the object to reproduce and in placing them in the two-dimensional pictorial space in such a way that makes one ask questions, encourages discussions and forces to make decisions. Tolts’s paintings are either liked or disliked. He leaves the wordplay and games of thought to the viewer who can fill the gaps in the white space of the paintings and the gallery space with her or his own thoughts. 

Text : Eero Kangor


The exhibition “Balance” displays a dozen paintings by Andres Tolts.

The choice of paintings is made by Mare Vint, Erkki Juhandi and Eero Kangor.

The exhibition is open from July 11th until August 3rd.


Tallinna Art Hall Gallery

6 Vabaduse väljak

Open Wed–Sun 10AM-6PM



13. Sonderausstellung der BaltArt Galerie